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I woke up on Saturday morning to the news that @reclaimthesestreets, the organisers of the vigil on Clapham Common, had been asked to cancel. Instead, they had set up a fundraising campaign to support women’s safety causes around the country. My first thought was, ‘what can I do?’ There has been so much grief and anger in recent days, I wanted to do something positive, so decided to auction some artworks to support the fundraiser. I paint on Clapham Common every week so this is close to home. By Tuesday evening I had the support of 50 artists, many of them local, all willing to auction artwork, undertake a commission, or offer an art experience to the highest bidder. All proceeds go to the @reclaimthesestreets fundraiser or a women’s charity of the bidder or artist’s choice.

Please follow @artistsreclaimthesestreets on Instagram or follow and search on the hashtag #artistsreclaimthesestreets to keep updated on artists and artworks as they are added. We are adding artists and artworks all the time so please follow, like, share, but most importantly... bid! The auction runs until 9.30 pm on 24 March, which marks 3 weeks since Sarah Everard was taken.

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